From the Pacific Islands, to South East & Western Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America, the aim of World Travelers Association (WTA) is to create purposeful vacation experiences throughout the world. 

WTA Testimonials:

BY FAR, My favorite part of the experience was watching someone who is truly living his purpose. Being that it is my mission to help people wake up and actualize their full potential, seeing it done in person stirs up every kind of emotion I want to feel. When you see that done, there is no denying it. It’s so pure and true, and that’s what’s so inspiring. It gives me so much fire and enthusiasm to continue to live a life that’s true to me
— Lou R.
Simply put, it’s a completely different way to travel, and it’s for people that are looking for more out of life. It can push you to new heights. I really didn’t know what purpose was going to mean for me. Now, I can’t imagine a trip without it. Now, I want the same level of immersion with the locals as I had in Portugal, everywhere I travel. The feeling of making a difference, big or small, for someone or anyone is amazing.
— Danny K.
I had been dreaming about being a part of something bigger than me and really making a difference for a long time.

WTA brings people together from all avenues of life and different parts of the world to adventure, to grow, to explore, to find happiness and fulfill purpose. It is more than just a one- time experience, it is a lifestyle.

I am now inspired to keep feeding that feeling of inspiration and truly believe that in doing so, I will find my rightful place in the world. This trip has improved my way of thinking and my perspective on multiple levels.
— Stephanie M.
I was so caught up in the corporate america life that I was shying away from doing things that made me happy. This trip came at a great time to give me an opportunity to get away, learn about a new culture, spend time with close friends, make new friends, and volunteer my time with underprivileged kids.
These trips will truly test you mentally, physically, and emotionally, all with a positive message. When you are traveling with a group of people, some you know, and some you don’t, you find a common ground.
— Joseph P.
I say you experience an indescribable, fascinating, epic vacation with cool excursions but you also do good for the community. You end up learning about yourself and the value of your life. It is an experience that opens your eyes to a new vision. I built a better understanding of the important things in life. Love, beauty, and the impact people can have in each other’s lives.
— Helena B.
I felt like I wanted to do something different on my holiday, not just travel like an ordinary tourist.
WTA is an adventure where you give a little bit of who you are to this world. Speaking the language of the world, LOVE, through playing soccer with kids, and accomplishing one of my goals, surfing, I learned that moments are much greater and epic when you share them.
— Yanny C.