From the Pacific Islands, to South East & Western Asia, Europe, North & Southern Africa, and Latin America, the aim of World Travelers Association (WTA) is to create purposeful vacation experiences throughout the world. 


WTA Testimonials:

World Travelers Association promises adventure, great sights, yoga, and more. And you can see all of that from their amazing website and videos. What you can’t see is the life changing experience that this trip will be for you. You get all of the aforementioned things, like adventure, but you also get a Marina and Jorge, two people who are so incredibly passionate and addicted to giving you the best experience possible. And you get a group of people who are all passionate and looking for opportunities to connect positively and deeply with others.
— Gina M.
WTA is more than a retreat or an organization based on traveling. WTA is a family. On my travel to Thailand, never in my life could I have imagined what I was about to experience. This was not just your ordinary vacation. It quickly became LIFE. I met beautiful people that quickly became family, and I experienced things I had never done before. Marina and Jorge set up all of our days with such a perfectly organized schedule that it amazed me how perfect everything was.
— Melissa R.
First trip with WTA in Mexico and it was life changing. This trip was spiritually uplifting and I was able to give back to the locals and community utilizing my skills as a physical therapist. I also met an amazing group of people who want to make and be that change in the world.
— Lindita I.
I’ve been on 2 WTA trips in the past year, and they’ve been AMAZING! Jorge and Marina curate their trips to a level of detail that blows my mind. They have perfected the balance of their itineraries - with volunteering, yoga, activities (rock climbing, biking, rafting), cultural immersion, great food, and downtime to reflect on it all. I would have experienced only a fraction of these countries if I had tried to plan the trips myself - and would have returned home with far fewer friendships!
— Diana B.
WTA is an incredible organization that strives to give people a unique travel experience through adventure, yoga, volunteering, cultural immersion and human interactions and connections. One of my favorite things about WTA is that they spend time living in the country and getting to know the people, culture and area, in order to give their travelers the best possible experience. They are extremely thorough in their planning and make the entire experience extremely memorable. WTA provides you with the opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals and see the world through a different lens. You leave their trip feeling extremely connected to those around and feeling deeply connected to yourself. My husband and I attended their Bali trip as part of our honeymoon and we couldn’t have dreamt up or planned a more invigorating experience. It was truly life changing!! I highly recommend traveling with WTA if you’re looking for a rewarding, humbling and exciting experience.
— Sarah F.
DO IT! You will not regret it. If you are looking to travel the world, meet new people, volunteer, immerse yourself into another culture, practice yoga, learn about yourself, and experience the adventure of a lifetime, then WTA is right for you! I was referred to WTA through a friend of a friend that I had never met before. I was a little apprehensive, but I loved everything that WTA said their trips were about and was open to the adventure. I can honestly say that the WTA Bali trip exceeded my expectations in every way possible.
— Stephanie F.
I just came back from the PERU trip. What an amazing experience. Both Jorge and Marina are amazing leaders. They make sure to make you feel welcomed and part of the family. I came on the trip alone but I didn’t feel alone because everyone in the group was so friendly. The trip was so therapeutic. We did yoga, a volunteer project with a local shelter, and participated in various excursions and adventures that will make you feel accomplished. I plan to do more trips with World Travelers Association in the near future! I highly recommend this to any adventure/soul seeker!
— Paola P.