What Airport do I fly in and out of?

All travelers need to be in Arusha City on June 30, 2019 because our group experience will begin the early morning of July 1, 2019. Travelers are encouraged to fly into Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO). Drive time from Kilimanjaro Airport to town of Arusha is 1 hour. We will be organizing airport pickups as well as suggesting a hotel for travelers for the night of June 30th. Airport pickup and hotel for June 30th night are NOT included in the trip costs.

Trip will end in city of Dar Es Salaam. Travelers are encouraged to buy their departure flight from Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) in Dar Es Salaam. We will be returning from Zanzibar Island on the late morning of July 9, 2019. Please make sure your departure time from Dar Es Salaam is late enough in the evening to allow for the ferry back from Zanzibar (feel free to confirm travel times with us before making final flight purchases).

Airport transfers to Julius Nyerere Airport in Dar Es Salaam on July 9th are included in the cost of your trip.

What will be the weather in Tanzania?

Tanzania in July is considered the start of their high season (Dry Season), and offers the best wildlife viewing in general – with the wildebeest migration as its absolute highlight. . In July, afternoon temperatures are usually between 20°C/68°F and 30°C/86°F.  Most days have a fine, clear sky and sunny weather. July in Zanzibar is actually one of the cooler months with average daytime temperatures hitting the 26°C (79°F) mark. The average water temperature in the seas around the area is the same at 26°C (79°F) making July one of the best months overall for water based activities.

Do I need a Visa to travel to Tanzania?

In order to enter Tanzania, all U.S. citizens, will need to apply for a tourist visa ahead of time. Please check the link below to know what requirements must be met to apply for your visa. Non US Citizens and Citizens of other countries should check the requirements for their specific country of nationality.


Do I need any special vaccinations or immunizations?

Aside from all travelers being up to date on routine vaccinations, a mandatory yellow fever shot and proof of shot is necessary to enter into Tanzania. We recommend you speak to your doctor to make sure you are up to date on all your vaccinations, and have acquired the mandatory yellow fever shot. You can also check the CDC Website listed below for what the recommended vaccinations are for Tanzania. 


Is traveling to Tanzania safe?

Tanzania is safe for tourists, both male and female. We will be traveling in a large group with expert tour guides and professional drivers. We will be staying in safe and secure hotels with wifi, and all measures will be taken for the success and safety of this experience. 

At what fitness level do I need to be to join this experience? 

The fitness level of this trip is considered moderate. Our activities will consist of open level yoga practices, safari exploring, and sightseeing the UNESCO site of Stone Town in Zanzibar. All activities are optional and can be taken at your own pace.  

Do I need travel insurance?

Although not required, we strongly suggest that you purchase travel insurance for all WTA Experiences to cover you in case of any sickness, injuries or travel related delays. We recommend World Nomads Travel Insurance